There's a plan for everyone.

Prepaid, Yearly or Lifetime.

Pay as you go VPN

Buy prepaid credits, consume, and repeat. Pay only for usage. No subscription.



  • Unlimited Devices

  • 5 concurrent sessions

  • Charged per successful VPN session

  • Prepaid balance never expires

  • Full control of data for privacy

Total charges per VPN session:

5¢ base charge

+ 4¢/GB for data

+ 2¢/hr for duration

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Yearly VPN

When you need a lot more than PAYG. It's a good VPN deal.



  • Unlimited Devices

  • Unlimited Data

  • 7 concurrent sessions

  • No other charges for a VPN session

  • Full control of data for privacy

  • Just $3.33/month + tax

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Lifetime VPN

Buy once, self-host, bring your own cloud provider accounts, use forever. No limits.



  • Self-hosted and Private

  • 49 VPN Locations

  • 87 Data Centers

  • 100+ Instance Types

  • AWS Lightsail

  • DigitalOcean

  • Hetzner

  • Akamai Linode

  • Vultr

Pay-as-you-go and Yearly plans come with

Email Support

Software Updates

Pay as you go plan calculator

Charges per VPN Session

Base charge
250 MB
1 hr

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