Serverless VPN

Modern VPN based on WireGuard®
Access global content privately and securely
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UpVPN VPN app on laptop and mobile
Serverless upvpn UI

Serverless! How?

It happens with just a single click or tap.

A VPN server is provisioned on-demand when you connect
and deprovisioned when you disconnect.

A warm location has available server capacity.

So you can connect instantly.

A cold location is fully serverless.

When you connect, you get a new server and IP.

Your plan. Devices. VPN sessions.

All in one Dashboard.

upvpn Dashboard

Fast, Secure, and Private

UpVPN runs WireGuard® servers on-demand.

A modern VPN protocol that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.

We never log or track your network traffic.


Open Source App for Trust

UpVPN desktop and mobile apps are open source from day one.

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Love CLI?

Seamlessly manage VPN sessions from terminal with upvpn cli.

List available locations


Start a new VPN session


End VPN session



Web Devices - Fully Managed WireGuard-as-a-Service

Get a VPN server without the hassles of managing servers or VPN configurations.

Web Devices.
UpVPN on many
Operating Systems.

Use UpVPN on devices without the UpVPN app by using official WireGuard clients.

You manage VPN sessions of such clients on the dashboard - We call them Web Devices.

Web Devices Home

Web Devices.

To connect a device to the VPN,
download WireGuard config for desktop
or scan the QR code on mobile.

Customize DNS before loading config into the client!

Web Device Management

Full control of your data for Privacy.

Manage your data on the dashboard. Keep it or delete it.