Privacy Policy
Updated Dec 1, 2023
Welcome to upvpn!
upvpn LLC ("UpVPN", "upvpn", "we", "us" and/or "our") values privacy of individuals who use our website, installable apps and cloud services (collectively, our "Services").
1. To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Customers: Using, downloading, installing, or otherwise accessing the services or any materials included in or with the services.

Website visitors: Visitors to our website.

2. Information That We Do Not Collect for your Privacy
Network Data. When you use upvpn Services your network traffic is received encrypted to one of the cloud server we provision, those cloud servers are never configured log your network traffic or DNS requests.
Sensitive Data. When you use upvpn app to connect to VPN, it generates key pair for WireGuard specific to your device, and private key never leaves your device.
3. Information That We Collect and How we use it
Directly: from when you provide it to us, when signing up or using our Services
Indirectly: data that we collect through your action on our website or app after signing in.
These are elaborated below.
a. Information We collect Directly from You

Account Information. If you create an account, we collect your email address and password.

Payment Information. To use our Services you are required to provide payment information through our third party payment provider: Stripe. Your name, payment method, invoices, and receipts are stored in Stripe. We receive confirmation of your payment or refund which we then associate with your Account Information.

Support. When you email us for support, we receive your email address and its contents. You may be required to provide program logs for us to better support you. Emails data is collected by third-party provider Google Workspace.

b. Information We collect Indirectly

This information is only collected when you perform an action on website or app to consume upvpn Services.

Device data. When you download and sign-in on the upvpn app, we collect information about device OS, hardware architecture,hostname or logged in username, and WireGuard public key. And associate it with your Account Information.

VPN Session and Usage data. When you request a VPN session, we collect location and time data in at start. When you end a VPN Session we collect usage data in terms of time duration and total bytes (uploaded and downloaded). Location and Usage data is important for us to calculate usage based charges and is associated with your Account Information.

4. Information That We or You Remove for your Privacy
We remove Link between VPN Session and Cloud Provider: We collect cloud server public IP and cloud provider identifier when your VPN session starts. When you end VPN session we deprovision the server and delete the data (public IP and cloud provider identifier) linking your VPN session a to cloud provider. We also remove the WireGuard configuration from cloud server at the end of your VPN session.
You fully control your data on service for privacy: At anytime you can fully remove your data by signing out of devices, and removing vpn sessions and devices from dashboard. On removal we retain anonymous usage statistics to improve service.
5. How we use and share information

Data is shared with third party service providers for us to operate Services. An illustrative list of functions are: Payment processors, Email service providers. Only WireGuard configuration data required for services to function is shared (and deleted at the end of your VPN session) with Cloud Providers.

DNS: When you use upvpn app, your DNS is configured to, a privacy friendly DNS service provided by Cloudflare. You can read Cloudflare's related privacy policy here.
When you use upvpn's "Web Devices" the default DNS in WireGuard configuration is also unlike upvpn app you can change it before using.

Communications: We may communicate with you using the email to provide you information about service, or communicate about marketing purposes, provided that we do so in accordance with applicable law, including any consent or opt-out requirements.

6. Legal basis for processing personal data

Performing a contract with you: When you register an account you are agreeing to Terms of Service.

Legitimate interests: Account creation, payment processing and providing you access to use our Services.

7. Your rights in relation to your personal data

Depending on your location and subject to applicable law, you may have following rights granted:

  • The right to be informed about personal data collected (what we are doing in this Privacy Policy)

  • The right to erasure: having your personal data deleted

  • The right to non-discrimination for exercising your California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) rights

  • Right to opt-out of sale (CCPA): We do not sell personal information

  • The right to data portability

  • The right to rectification

  • The right to access

To exercise your data protection rights, please contact
8. International Transfers
upvpn is a United States California LLC with only storage of your information in the United States. If you are accessing or using our Services or providing personal information to us, you are agreeing and consenting to the processing of your personal information in the United States.
9. Cookies
We only use Strictly Necessary or Essential Cookies for our Services.
  • We use cookies for authentication on our Services
  • Payment processor Stripe uses cookies on Checkout page
10. Analytics
When you visit our website, we use third party privacy friendly Cloudflare Web Analytics services to learn about usage of website without any personal information.
11. Children's Privacy
We do not knowingly, collect, maintain or use personal information from children under 16 years of age.
12. Updates
We may change this Privacy Policy and publish it on website to reflect changes in our Services, personal data practices or relevant laws. The "Updated" date at the beginning of this document indicates last revision to this Privacy Policy.
13. Contact
If you have questions, suggestions or complaints about Privacy Policy, please contact us at